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Sources of Free Traffic

Below you will find some great sources of free traffic. Some will have paid options, but if you don’t mind trading time for money you can still achieve great results from the free methods.

Your goal when driving any traffic to your site is to aim for high quality sources. Those that are tightly related to your niche. This traffic will be highly targeted and natural. This is a huge plus in the eyes of Google. Your site will be seen as an authority site and this is something that you definitely want.

Yahoo Answers

This site can help you in two different ways. First you can use it to find out what questions people in your niche have. This can provide you with some great content ideas for your website.

The way to get traffic from your site is to get into the habit of answering the questions. By providing helpful information the person is more likely to follow any links back to your main website. So answer the question but get the reader to follow a link to your site for even more information.

Quora & Ask

Quora works in a similar way to Yahoo Answers. It is a question and answer based site, as is Ask. They are both great to use as a resource site and to generate traffic.

Blog Commenting

Leaving comments on related sites can really be a fantastic source of traffic. Search out high ranking and highly visited sites that are related to your niche. Then make a point of leaving comments on a regular basis. Always leave helpful comments. Don’t just leave a one sentence comment such as “Great post, thank you”.

Add some insights into the topic being discussed. By doing this you may also attract the attention of the blog owner. They may even ask you to write a guest post for their blog. This can open up a door of streaming visitors to your site.

Forum Posting

This is another excellent way to drive traffic back to your site. You want to find forums that are related to your site and then visit them regularly. Again leave helpful comments and insights. Don’t even think about promoting your site at first. Concentrate of getting your name seen by the other members regularly. This way you will get noticed and people will start to click on your signature link back to your site.

Just select one or two of these free traffic sources to get started with. Then make a concerted effort to visit and post regularly. By doing so your traffic will increase.

Promoting Your Content for Free Traffic

While you may understand the importance of publishing fresh content to your website regularly. Do you actually make an effort to promote these posts? While this may seem like such a simple step, it is one that many blog owners overlook.

After you have created and published your new blog post it takes only seconds to share it. You can share your post on places like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. There is nothing wrong with sharing your own content and it can help increase your traffic.

Another item that you may have overlooked is letting your mailing list know about your new post. You can either link to it in the main body of your email. Or you can add it as a P.S. at the end of your email. Believe me these tactics work, so start adding them into your marketing tactics today.

You think nothing of promoting affiliate products in your emails, so why not include the link to your latest blog post! You may want to encourage your readers to share your email, another great traffic generating technique.

Content includes more than just written words and text. Don’t forget that every image, photo or video you create is also considered content. Always link back to your website with all of these forms of content. When posting photos and images add your website URL to it, as well as writing out a short description. With your videos always link to your website first, then let your viewers know what your video is about.

By linking, adding descriptions and tags your content will get picked up by the search engines. When this happens they will get indexed and ranked for any keywords that you have included. This serves to help push your website higher in the search engine rankings.

Keep in mind that when you rank higher, your page will be shown to more people. This creates fresh traffic to your site regularly. What this also means is that each piece of content is viewed separately by the search engines. So just going back into an older post and adding a photo or video and updating it can help. You don’t necessarily have to create a long written post each time.

Posting your content on a regular basis is another way to ensure your flow of traffic doesn’t slow down. Stick to a posting schedule that is easy for you to achieve. Have fun creating content and know that each piece will help bring new visitors to your site.

Join Influential Groups to Gain New Visitors to Your Website

Social sites are extremely popular right now. Some of them have influential groups within them. You can join these groups and gain new visitors to your website.

A good example of where to find influential groups is over on LinkedIn. You can easily search for all kinds of groups that are related to your website or business. You then join these groups and immediately have access to like-minded people. Those that have the same issues and concerns as you.

What these people also have is an extended contact list. If you tread correctly when first joining a group, you may have access to literally hundreds of new connections. Here’s how to achieve this.

First you want to search out relevant groups. These would be groups of people who could be considered buyers and readers of your content. You want to connect with blog owners, but you also want to get in front of the readers and customers.

By joining groups with both types of people you will have access to tons of resources. First you could learn from more experienced blog owners. Find blogs that you like and then track how often the owner publishes new blog post. How often do they promote items in their posts, and what type of products do they promote? Then see if they use videos or a particular type of image. As you discover tactics that are working, you can apply these to your own blog.

Being in front of potential readers and/or buyers provides you with access to the issues and problems your audience faces. This will give you clues as to what type of content to publish. If you see a particular issue cropping up all the time.  Address this in a blog post, or even create a short report on the topic.

You can also find groups to join on Facebook and Google+. Just make sure you join groups that will eventually help you in your goal of driving more traffic to your site. Otherwise you may end up interacting and seeing no results.

When you first join any group don’t start self-promoting immediately. Introduce yourself and what you do, but then make a good effort to be helpful to other group members. Answer questions, provide advice and in general just be friendly as opposed to being viewed as someone who self-promotes all the time.

Being active in one or two groups can really help increase traffic back to your website.

Tracking Your Stats to Increase Traffic

While your main concern right now may be worrying about how many visitors your website is getting. Have you thought about tracking your statistics to your site’s pages? There is an easy tool that allows you to do just this. It is part of Google Analytics and is called In Page Analytics. You should be using Google Analytics on every site you own, it can be installed by adding a snippet of code to your site, or by using a handy Wordpress plugin.

If you start monitoring your traffic you will be able to tell which pages are visited frequently, how long people stay on a page and more interesting statistics. Then by taking this information and making changes you can easily increase your traffic.

Other areas that the In Page Analytics can help you with are seeing if your website page layout is working for you. For example are you getting the results you had hoped for? Plus you can see which content your visitors are seeing, and you will discover what it is they are looking for. You will also have the ability to see how your visitors navigate your site, which links are clicked on and if your images are working for you!

Chrome has an extension for In Page Analytics that you can download from the Chrome Web Store. This extension will then allow you to load a page that you are currently tracking with Google Analytics and provides you with valuable information.  This information is displayed in a scorecard graphic at the top of your page and includes:

  1. Metrics – page views, time spent on pages, bounce rates, and exit percentages
  2. Real time visits – the number of actual visitors you get in real time
  3. In Page Clicks – shows the number and places where your visitors click

This information shows you exactly what pages are working for you on your site. While you may have designed to website to look pretty, it may not be actually working for you at all. By taking this In Page information and making changes you will end up with a webpage that gives people what they are looking for. This means that overall you will receive more targeted traffic and this results in more subscribers to your list, more buyers, more commenters and just more readers to your website or blog.

If you haven’t thought much about how tracking your statistics can help then hopefully this article has shown you why you should start tracking sooner rather than later.

Get Your On Site SEO Correct

If you are looking for free traffic sources you need to start with your own website or blog first. By this we mean that you need to have basic SEO, or search engine optimization in place first. Let’s look at how you can achieve this.

Basic SEO

Here are some of the basic things you need to have in place on your website or blog.

Each time you create a new post or page you want to really think about the title. Ensure that it reflects two things:

  1. That the title identifies what your post or page is about.
  2. That your content is related to your blog.

These two things can really help make or break your traffic sources. If your title is misleading visitors will simply click away immediately. Then if your content is off topic all the time you will also lose visitors.

Headings and Tags

When you write content for you site you want to include headings and tags in your content. The headings you normally see include:

  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3 and so on…

Use these headings when creating new paragraphs or sub topics. Instead of just bolding or using italics use the Heading 1 or 2 labels instead. This creates headings and sub topics which are slightly larger in print size – which is easy for your readers to see that a new topic has been started. The main importance of using headings is for the search engine spiders. By applying headings you are telling them that this content is important, which is why you have given it special consideration. They note this and rank your site accordingly. A big plus for you when it comes to getting ranked in the search engines.

You should use tags as sub-headings on your blog. These are created in a different area, not within your main content. If you are using Wordpress you simply add them in to the correct area before hitting publish. For example if your post was about exercises you can do at home. Suitable tags would be Yoga at Home, Kettlebell Workout and Home Treadmills etc. If you view tags as sub topics you shouldn’t have any problem creating them.

Main Purpose of SEO

While these things may sound small and trivial they do have a huge purpose. Search engines use algorithms that use your headings and tags as keywords. These keywords are then categorized and used by the search engines to direct related and relevant traffic to your site.

Get More Traffic with Your Google Account

There is no denying that Google is the largest search engine around. Therefore it makes perfect sense to create and use your own Google account. If you haven’t yet created a Google account you could be missing out on a ton of traffic.

Once you have created an account you will have easy access to Google+, YouTube, Google News, Google Docs, Gmail and more. Not that you have to use them all, but you should use Google+ and YouTube at the very least.

Google+ allows you to link to your website and this will show up in the search engines. Have you seen those results where they have a photo attached to them? This is how that is done.

You should also be aware that Google now owns YouTube, so it makes sense to have an account there too. By posting YouTube videos on your website your site will be favored by Google.

Another feature of having a Google account is that you will have access to Google Hangouts. This also allows you to quickly create and upload videos into your YouTube account. Once your Hangout is complete the upload will begin automatically. Plus you don’t have to actually Hangout with anyone. You can create a quick video by yourself.

Just remember that videos can be a great source of traffic so don’t overlook this fact. People love to watch or listen and all you have to do is turn your blog post into a video. You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. Just read your text and show some related slides at the same time.

The nice part about having a Google account is that you can log into all the features with one user name and password. This means that you can write an email, post to your Google+ wall, and check out YouTube videos without requiring separate passwords.

By using your Google account and all of its features regularly, you should see a good increase in your traffic sources. As with any type of traffic you need to post interesting blog posts and videos to capture the reader’s attention first. This will create the desire in them to bookmark your site and revisit it often.

Creating a Google account can really help you find and benefit from a lot more sources of traffic. Plus your website could find itself ranking much higher in the search engines than before.

Get Free Traffic from Your Content

One simple way to get a boatload of free traffic is from writing high quality content. Not a great writer? Not to worry there are still ways you can produce quality content without having to write it from scratch yourself.

There are several ways you can create content for your blog regularly. The first way is to use a method that is known as “Content Curation’. Basically this is where you find quality articles on a certain topic and then quote from them within your own blog post or article. So all you have to write is a short introductory paragraph and a conclusion. In your main article you would intersperse with your own thoughts and comments. Before you know it you have a complete article on a popular topic created.

The best way to find this type of content is by subscribing to popular blogs that are related to your niche or business field. You can do this by bookmarking links into a folder, which you would then check every day or so. Or you can subscribe to the blogs using an RSS readers such as Feedly.  Then you simply check your reader each time you need to find new content. The nice part about using an RSS reader is that it is giving you access to blogs that are active and have new content recently published.

The next type of content you can use is PLR, or private label rights material. This is content which is written for the specific purpose of being resold for others to use on their websites and blog. Always look for quality PLR providers, most will have a free sample that you can download first.

After you have purchased your related PLR you will still need to rewrite it to a certain extent. View your package as a great starting point or as research material. Then go through it and rewrite it gently so that it sounds as though you wrote it.

To change up the PLR and make it look different, remember other people will have purchased the same PLR too, just add a video or images to your work before publishing it.

Using PLR is a great way to generate new content regularly. In turn this keeps your blog full of new content which has two purposes: 1) to be seen in the search engines and attain a higher ranking and 2) to get a flood of new visitors on a regular basis.

So now you have no excuses for creating new content even if you don’t like to write!

General Overview of Free Traffic Sources

When it comes to generating traffic to your website for free, you do have lots of options. These options will work and are perfect for those of you who prefer to trade time for money.

Social Sites & Bookmarking Sites

Posting to social media sites is extremely popular, who doesn’t love to Like or Share a post? So why not post your latest blog post across all of your social media sites too? You can share your images on Pinterest, which is a site that can help generate a ton of interested visitors to your site.

Don’t forget about posting to bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit. Again all great sites with the ability to generate lots of traffic.

Forums & Question Sites

Joining a related forum can really help you when it comes to traffic. In addition, posting to a forum regularly can help you become an authority figure in your niche or industry.

When joining forums make sure that you can add a signature link to your posts. This is where most of the traffic will come from. Sometimes you will have to post a certain number of times before your signature link becomes active.

Question and answer sites such as Quora, Ask and Yahoo Answers can all be valuable traffic sources. Get into the habit of answering a few questions every couple of days.

Blog Commenting & Guest Posts

Leaving comments on quality sites can really help drive traffic back to your own blog. Look for top quality and highly visited blogs and then start commenting regularly. Always add helpful advice and you can also indicate that further information can be found on your website. For example include a short paragraph as your comment and then add a Read More here link.

By commenting regularly visitors, as well as the blog owner, will start to recognize your name and site. This helps build authority and creditability as well for you.

Try and see if you can write a guest post for some of the top blogs. Also ask the blog owner if they would like to write a guest post for you!


Adding videos to your site is an easy way to increase your traffic. Google loves sites that use video and you can easily just do a video of you reading your blog posts.

These are the best ways to drive free traffic to your website. Just remember that building traffic takes time and effort. So continue with your efforts even if you don’t see immediate results. The traffic will come as long as you keep on building it.

Finding Free Traffic for Your Website

Once you have a website or blog up and running your next step is to drive traffic to it. This is where numerous people get a little stuck. Where and how do you find traffic or visitors for your site? This article will help explain this.

There are basically two types of traffic, free and paid. Both types will help you generate visitors to your site when done correctly. For now we will concentrate on free methods of driving traffic to your sites.

One of the simplest things you can do to increase traffic to your site or blog is to post content regularly. Each time you publish a new post or article it will be found by Google’s spiders and will be indexed in the search engines. This ranking will help your site get indexed quickly. What this basically means is that each time someone types in a search query in Google, your site is more likely to show up in the rankings. Higher rankings equates to more visitors to your website, which of course is what you want.  

Creating a blogging calendar can help you stay on track and get those posts published regularly. Always write posts that are informative and helpful to your readers, this way they will return to read more at a later date. Try to post two to three times a week. Pick a schedule that you can stick to without overwhelming yourself.

Other ideas for driving free traffic to your site include visiting forums and leaving well thought out comments to questions. Plus you can also try commenting on related blogs. Both methods can work extremely effectively and provide you with a good source of new traffic.

When leaving comments don’t be spammy. Instead answer the question in a thoughtful manner. Leave helpful advice and information. Most blogs will allow you to link back to your lost blog post. This way anyone interested in your comment can visit your blog.

Another way to drive more traffic to your blog is to use videos. People enjoy watching video and are more likely to share great videos with their friends. Your videos don’t have to be that long. Two or three minutes is long enough. You can just record yourself reading your blog post if you don’t know what to create a video about.

Use these simple ways to easily drive more traffic to your website on a regular basis.

Best Practices for Getting Free Traffic to Your Website

Who doesn’t want traffic for their websites, especially if it is free? Use the following best practices to create an almost never ending stream of fresh traffic sources.

  1. Share your blog posts across all of your social media sites.
  2. Publish new content regularly, remember content can be blog posts, images and videos.
  3. Start commenting on top blogs in your industry or niche.
  4. Reply to comments on your own blog.
  5. Connect with your top commenters and build a relationship with them.
  6. Ask top bloggers to write a blog post for your site.
  7. Create and upload videos to YouTube.
  8. Use your Google Account.
  9. Join top groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ and become an active member.
  10. Join related forums and again be active by answering questions and offering advice.
  11. Study your Analytics regularly and act on your results.
  12. Use search engine optimization techniques on all of your content.
  13. Add links to all of your images and videos.
  14. Create a blogging calendar so you know exactly what to write about.
  15. Publish regularly, schedule posts in Wordpress so you are always ahead of the game.
  16. Use PLR, private label rights, material to help you create content quickly.
  17. Use content curation methods when you are lacking for ideas of what to write about.
  18. Share and like other blog posts and videos as well as your own content.
  19. Email your list and let them know about your latest and greatest blog post.
  20. Use keywords in your titles and headings.
  21. Make use of tags such as Heading 1 and Heading 2.
  22. Create a Facebook or Google+ group in your niche. Add advice and leave links back to your site with additional information.
  23. Join blogging communities and connect with others in your industry.
  24. Look for top blogs and offer to write a guest post for them.
  25. Create your own videos and publish to your channel regularly.
  26. Answer questions at Yahoo Answers, Quora and Ask.
  27. Add your site to directories.
  28. Subscribe to blogs via an RSS Reader so you always have access to the top blogs in your niche.
  29. Make use of In Page Analytics.
  30. Remember that free traffic takes time to build.

By using as many of these tips as possible you will start seeing an increase in traffic to your website. Just remember to keep on using these best practices so that your traffic does not dwindle over time.


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